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Das gelungene Meeting vom vergangenen Sommer ist Geschichte.

Aber die Erinnerungen leben weiter...

Lesen Sie hier:
Marius Butaye aus Belgien macht ein Album vom Euro Packard Meeting in der Schweiz
Lesen Sie selbst (Zitat aus dem Email):

2015-12-19 11:17 GMT+01:00 :
Hello , Dear Packard Member ,

How are you in this period at the end of 2015 ?

I have decided to make a picture album of the Euro Packard Meeting in Switzerland .
I have now a project of album : 42 pages but not too much pictures of your car ! Hard cover , A 4 , similar what
you have received after the Meeting in 2013 in Belgium – Waterloo – Brussels .
I will order 5 albums for the Belgian members , but you have the possibility to add one for you .
The price is about 39,50 € + postage due .

If you are interested , let me know it and communicate then your exact post address .
I have more than 1.000 pictures in my computer but I like always a picture album , this gives more and better souvenirs .

Thanks for your quick answer . .
Sincerely .

Marius Butaye.

00 32 475 53 47 73


Hier zwei lesenswerte Publikationen:

Der Packard auf dem Grossglockner

Magazine of the South Pacific Packard Club

Und hier noch ein Beitrag aus Schweden:

Dear Marius,

Good to hear from you. I hope you have had a Great Christmas and that the New Year has started well for you.

I am certainly interested in getting a copy of the Album that you are preparing. I can transfer the cost to a bank account in Belgium. The Album to be sent to this address:

Hakan Sjoholm
Igelkottsvagen 36
16757 Bromma

I also took a number of pictures while in Switzerland, and wrote an article about the trip in the Bulletin of the Nordic Packard Owners Club. My trip from Sweden did not go directly to Switzerland; I came on a ferry from Sweden to Germany (Trelleborg-Travemunde), then put the car on the AutoZug from Hamburg to Munchen, from where I crossed the Alps over the Grossglockner, then heading westward to Switzerland. The trip over Grossglockner was to repeat a trip over this pass that I had done in 1954, then as a passenger in my father's Super Clipper, together with my mother and brother. The intention now was to do that once more, in an identical car, and to have photos taken in the same places as in 1954. That was also done successfully, although the day was cold and misty so some mountain tops were not visible.

I also had another article about the trip published in Autohistorica, a magazine published by the well established Swedish Historical Automobile Club. I attach a copy of that 8 page article, which has 3 parts; first an account of the trip to Grossglockner and Switzerland, then a highlight of my father's cars - he only had American cars including a 47 and a 54 Packard, his last car was a 64 Pontiac. My brother has restored the red 54 Packard and the story of that extensive work is described in this article. The Pontiac is now with me. The text is all in Swedish but I hope you can get the idea from the pictures.

I also attach an article written about the meeting in Switzerland by one of the participants from Australia. Also this is full of pictures, and the text is in English. Maybe you have not seen it.

Wishing you happy reading!

I will scan and send you the article from the Nordic Club after a few days. There are some good pictures there too.

I note your picture of the only two 47 Clippers that attended the Switzerland meeting. In fact, these two cars, belonging to Isidoor Vos and myself respectively, have attended the meetings in England 2005, Denmark 2009, France 2011, Belgium 2013 and Switzerland 2015. Quite a history!! To be repeated in Germany next year!

All the very best,

Hier die letzten News zum kommenden grossen Event:
European Packard Meeting vom 27. bis 31. Mai 2015

Info vom 24.04.15: Highlights, Teilnehmerliste, Reservationen
Info vom 11.05.15: Start Programme A/B, Helpdesk

Sehr geehrte Packard Freunde,
Das 10. Packard Euro Meeting findet statt vom 27. bis 31. Mai 2015 in der Dreiseenregion Biel- Seeland. Alle Packard Besitzer sind an diesem Anlass herzlich willkommen. Das
Programm mit Anmeldeformular ist nun verfügbar.

Dear Packard friends,
The 10th European Packard meeting is taking place from the 27th until the 31st of May 2015 at the three-lake-region “Biel-Seeland”. We cordially welcome all owners of a Packard in beautiful Switzerland.
Program and registration form are now available.

Chers amis des voitures Packard
La 10ème réunion européenne des Packards aura lieu du 27 jusqu’au 31 mai 2015 dans la région des trois lacs « Bienne-Seeland ». Tous les propriétaires d’une voiture Packard sont cordialement invités. Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir en suisse.
Programme et formulaire d'inscription sont maintenant disponible. 

Bis bald, see you soon, avec les meilleures salutations
Packard Club Switzerland
All you Packard friends: Come and join us in Switzerland next year!